Hello Dancing Friends!

The moment has come for more of the planet to have information about Circle Dance,

and for us all to be inspired by how fast and beautifully this movement is growing.

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   Circle Dance comes from ancient traditions, and has many modern forms. With the influence of Bernhard Wosien

in Findhorn in 1970, this movement began, has been nurtured by many dedicated groups, 

and is now expanding throughout the planet.

Circle Dance benefits our own lives, our families and our communities and the whole world.

There is growing excitement about dance. Recent research shows that structured dancing is the best all-round

health booster. In addition to fitness it enhances brain plasticity, memory, combats osteoporosis, alleviates insomnia, improves self-esteem and cooperative skills. Dance has demonstrable psychological benefits, enhancing mood,

social confidence and general wellbeing.

People from all levels of dance experience participate-  just enter with an

open heart to share the abundance of spirit and joy.

Listen! The sacred Circle Dances have a message for the world: it's easy, it's visible,

 we can all hold hands, we can all dance together, we all come from the same root,

the same trunk, it's easy, it's fun, it's enjoyable, 

we are in this together, and the perfect harmony depends on each and all

Let's dance, let's shine this light that is a gift! to gather and dance together,

with a big smile, accepting everyone as they are, let's be the dance we are.

We are ready for a deeper communion with the subtle realms, for a larger awareness of our true identity. We are responsible for our level of connection with our own essence, which is the essence of all. We are All this. 

The dance becomes a magical tool, unique, powerful to give us back our power,

to remember who we are, to achieve this communication for which we are

every day more ready with the subtle realms, with our true essence.